Panzer Meyer SS Honor Ring

The "Panzer" Meyer SS Honor Ring

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Cast from original Nazi Reichsmarks



Regarding the “Panzer” Meyer SS Honor Ring Presentation Set produced by and sent to me for evaluation. Firstly, I should note that the Meyer ring is molded directly off of an original SS Honor Ring.

I believe this is the most accurate museum copy of the SS Honor Ring I have seen to date. Not only does the ring have the stippling behind the runic symbols but the superb detail in the molding also picked up the two die flaws on the runes along with a very well executed seam behind the skull. The Totenkopf (skull) on the ring is perfect and stands as a fine example of this later style of ring.

The SS Honor Ring document and document folder are very well done and looks old and aged. The blue ink H. Himmler signature appears as an original instead of a museum copy. The accompanying ring case and photos of Meyer, Heydrich, Wolff and Bouhler (all wearing their rings) are a fine addition to the set.

Don Boyle author of “SS Totenkopf H. Himmler Honor Ring 1933 – 1945”.

* This review by Don Boyle was written in 2012

Don Boyle is the author of the acclaimed SS Honor Ring reference book “SS Totenkopf H. Himmler Honor Ring 1933 – 1945”, his book is a “must have” for all enthusiasts and serious collectors alike. He is a recognized historian and also a life member of the prestigious MAX Show and sits on the MAX Show Board of Authenticators. To learn more about Don please refer to our section “Authentication & Certification” which may be found on our home page.


If you are seeking an absolutely perfect, virtually unblemished museum copy of an original SS Honor Ring, molded directly off of an original ring then look no further. The Kurt “Panzer” Meyer SS Honor Ring is the finest example of this ring to be found anywhere. In order to achieve this the following occurred:

  • The Meyer ring would be identical in every way to an original SS Honor Ring
  • Identify original rings in near mint condition exhibiting almost no wear
  • The ring had to be of a large size so we could easily mold down to smaller sizes
  • The recipient’s name must be similar to Meyer in number of letters and spelling
  • After considerable investigation such a ring was eventually identified
  • The ring was purchased from one of the world’s most recognized and trusted dealers in SS Honor Rings, it is fully authenticated and certified as original
  • A master mold was taken of this original ring and a two piece mold set was created, one mold for the ring band and the other for the Totenkopf
  • In the mold, some letters of the original recipients name were re-engraved to read “Meyer”, the rest of the inscription remains identical to the original

The “Panzer” Meyer SS Honor Ring represents an authentic example of SS history, you will not get any closer to the real deal then this. Owners of the Meyer ring will have the satisfaction of knowing that their ring was cast directly from one of the finest original examples of this SS award to be found anywhere.

The full inscription reads: “ Meyer 21.12.41 H. Himmler”. The “” means “seinen Lieben” or in English “to dear” followed by the recipient’s last name, date of presentation and a facsimile of Himmler’s signature. These awards were normally presented at promotion ceremonies and were worn on the ring finger of the left hand with the Totenkopf or skull facing up toward the wearer. Note that Germans customarily wore their wedding rings on the ring finger of the right hand. The only known exception to the correct wearing of the award is with SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich who insisted on wearing his SS Honor Ring on the ring finger of his right hand, this is known to have infuriated Himmler which was probably Heydrich’s intention.


Just like the originals, it is cast in solid silver in two separate pieces and the Totenkopf or skull is then fitted by hand and silver soldered to the band. This is the same lost-wax manufacturing technique as used by the sole producer of the original rings, The Otto Gahr Company of München.

As are the originals the Meyer ring has a silver soldered sizing seam directly behind the Totenkopf. When finishing, the inside of the band is polished smooth and the seam becomes nearly invisible. Typically with wear and over time (perhaps as little as a month or two) and when in contact with oils and acids from the skin as well as general environmental factors, the solder ages differentially from the surrounding ring band, giving rise to the well known and visible seam.


If ever any one individual was the living embodiment of the perfect SS officer it was Kurt Adolph Wilhelm Meyer. He was a classic example of an aggressive and ruthless Waffen-SS officer and a first rate leader who pushed his troops (and himself) to their very limits. He was an exceptional personality in military leadership, of special character and strong charisma.

Meyer earned the nickname “Panzer” while enrolled at the police academy after he fell off of a roof while playing a prank on a classmate. He broke 18 bones in the accident and his friends began calling him “Panzer” because they said he was as tough as a tank. Later, while in the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, his keen tactical sense and mental agility earned him his second nickname “Schnelle Meyer” or “fast Meyer” for racing out ahead of the troop advance on his motorbike. His unorthodox methods were further tested on the Eastern Front where he and his troops sometimes ventured far behind enemy lines and then blasted their way back out. By early 1943, his reckless, albeit highly effective, style of combat had already earned him the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class, the Knight´s Cross, and the Oak leaves to the Knight´s Cross.

It is believed he earned his SS Honor Ring for his actions in Operation Barbarossa that commenced in June 1941. In the most difficult of situations “Panzer” Meyer never hesitated for a second, for he was a determined soldier of quick actions. During Operation Barbarossa the Abteilung he commanded captured the city of Mariupol on the Black Sea, Meyer ordered his men to “angriff auf die gewehre” (charge the guns) and this action resulted in the capture of the city and also an entire Soviet division. Mariupol was of significant strategic importance due to its deepwater port and heavy industry. This battle was a typical example of Meyer’s style of command: lightning fast, daring and brave. Like his commander SS-Oberstgruppenführer Sepp Dietrich, Meyer preferred to be at the front of his assaults usually astride a motorbike. At the time an SS-Sturmbannführer, his SS Honor Ring is dated 21.12.41, less then a year later he was promoted to SS-Obersturmbannführer.

On September 6th, 1944 “Panzer” Meyer was captured by partisans in Durnal, Belgium and promptly handed over to the Americans. While in their custody he was severely beaten and robbed of all his medals, rings, watch and money.

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Panzer Meyer SS Honor Ring
Panzer Meyer SS Honor Ring Panzer Meyer SS Honor Ring
Panzer Meyer SS Honor Ring